The City of Huron is dedicated to providing efficient and effective quality municipal services that enhance quality of life that the community of Huron deserves.


The City Council will provide the leadership in developing the City in a way that provides a financially viable business friendly and family-oriented community promoting a full range of housing, business, and culture in a safe and attractive environment.

Huron Senior Center

16900 5th Street, Suite B, Huron, CA  559-945,

will be cooling center for days w/100+ degree weather

Opens 1pm – 5 p.m. w/Laverne Jimenez on site



Recruitment Notice – City of Huron

Huron Capital projects




CMAQ – Congestion Mitigation Air Quality Pollution
RSTP – Regional Surface Transportation Program
CDBG – Community Development Block Grant
CALHOME – Department of Housing and Community Development

HCD – Housing and Community Development

Real-Time Air Advisory Network