City Council

City Council

The City Council is a legislative and policy-making body that is elected on a nonpartisan basis to represent the residents of Huron.  The Mayor is elected every two years in a general election.  Serving with the Mayor are four members of the City Council who are elected at-large for terms of four years each.  The terms of the four Council members overlap, so every two years, two members of the City Council are selected by the voters through a general election. 

The City Council is responsible for making policy determinations on issues that impact the City of Huron. The City Council meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month with special meetings as needed to address the issues facing Huron.  At these public meetings, the City Council makes policy determinations; approves agreements and contracts; adopts ordinances (local laws) and regulations; and authorizes the expenditure of City funds.  In addition, the City Council reviews and adopts and annual budget.  The City Council also develops and maintains significant intergovernmental relations with local, state, and federal agencies in order to enhance the economic vitality of Huron.


Mayor Rey León
Mayor Pro-Tem Roberto Pimentel
Council member Arely Arellano
Council member Mike Morales
Council member Hilda Plasencia

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