Public Utilities


Public Works is responsible for repairing and maintaining: public facilities, improvements in infrastructure including support for city and special events.



The primary objective of the Water Division is to provide water that is of safe and sanitary quality for the residents and an adequate water supply for fire protection. The city’s water supply comes from the California Aqueduct transported through wetlands water District, and delivered to the City of Huron water system.


The objective of the Sewer Division is to operate, maintain, expand, clean and repair the sanitary sewer trunk line system, lift stations and pumps. The Wastewater division operates and maintains the city’s wastewater treatment facilities. This includes not only the physical maintenance on several expensive treatment structures, such as lift stations, sedimentation tanks, digesters, filters, pumps and control buildings, but also performing numerous laboratory analyses on domestic and industrial waste samples. It is very important that treatment of wastewater be carefully controlled and the equipment maintained to insure compliance with the discharge requirements set by the State Regional Water Quality Control Board.